Coffee Process

Coffee Process

Nueva Esperanza Inc. will purchase property (land) to establish and maintain a coffee plantation as a continuous economic source. El Cafetal Nueva Esperanza will be an integral part of our purpose by adding to the financial stability in the area by providing jobs and long term business relationships for years to come.

The coffeee process:

  1. Purchase the land. The price of land varies according to location.
  2. The land is prepared for planting. Throughout Honduras you can purchase the seeds or small baby plants ready for planting.
  3. Most farmers hire one person for each acre of land to oversee the coffee plants
  4. Once planting season is over the plants are fertilized twice a year. The price of fertilizer varies depending on the product used. Usually 14 quintals (a quintal is equal to 200 pounds) of fertilizer is used for every acre twice a year.
  5. The plants usually start to produce coffee around the third season (year). The first two years are primarily the maintenance of the plants.
  6. Starting with the third year you can count on producing approximately 40 quintals per acre, per year.
  7. The cost per quintal will vary depending on Brazil’s coffee production, the less Brazil produces the higher the demand in Honduras; never the less Honduras coffee is in demand.

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