Everyday Life in Comayagua, Honduras

Everyday Life in Comayagua, Honduras

The City of Comayagua, with its high barren plains, abundant water and lenca dialect, is located in the central valley of Honduras. It was founded in 1537 and presently has 118,408 inhabitants.

In the surrounding historic districts its colonial structures are admired for their beautiful buildings constructed with Spanish design and are the center of attraction for the foreign tourists that enjoy the typical food and many celebrations especially during Holy week and Christmas.

Outside the historic district you encounter residencies, lovely colonies, villages, and country homes. There are also marginalized neighborhoods where part of the population lives in conditions of great need.

In the morning in the City of Comayagua, the elderly can be seen walking to the market place to purchase the daily newspaper and then return home to sit outside, drink a cup of coffee, and greet everyone that passes by them. The women can be seen before daybreak igniting the fire and feeding the wood into their traditional stove (fogones), in which to cook corn tortillas (pupusas) and beans for their families. A meal that is never missing from the table of the poor due to its low cost.

Comayagua is a city where you can observe a luxurious vehicle driven by a business person to their office sharing the road with an oxcart and a humble peasant on his way to the work in the fields. Each on their way to provide food for their families.

As in other cities of the world you can see the delinquency and crime in Comayagua, yet there are many with lives full of love, humility, and honesty. Lives full of hope that desire to work to make a change in this beautiful city. There are still parents that instill in their children respect, order, compassion and the desire of self-improvement.


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