God is Faithful

God is Faithful

As Mission Nueva Esperanza continues growing, thanks to our God, we are extremely excited and so happy to announce our newest blessings.

We will be making Medical Mission Trips to Honduras and hopefully world wide. We will be able to bless those in need of medical care and most of all provide them with medicine, at no cost to them. In these third world countries the services will help adults and children which are in immense need of medical care.

Above all we give thanks to God for bringing us so far…

We are forever grateful to all whom help us accomplish these new blessings. Above all we give thanks to God for bringing us so far; however never forgetting to extend our appreciation to all the people who have supported Mission Nueva Esperanza. We have been blessed with either the prayers, with donating time, mentoring services and the generous donations. This has helped our dreams become a reality.

Thank you for helping us grow!

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