June 2016 – Missionary Trip

June 2016 – Missionary Trip

We are excited to share with you news about our last missionary trip to Honduras. We’re also very appreciative of everyone who made it possible to reach out those in need.

Mission Nueva Esperanza would like to give a special thanks to Pastors Juan and Gabriela Cruz for their help, kindness, great hospitality, and passion to also help others in need. They are indeed the bridge that connect us in ensuring our help reaches the children and families of Comayagua, Honduras.

We are also grateful for Yasdet. Who always gives her all when we need to reach out to children and families in extreme poverty.

We were driving around a very poor village hoping to find children in need of shoes or clothing. As you can imagine this is not hard to do. We came across these children with their father (see picture below). Looking at the picture you would just think these are just poor children picking mangoes. Unfortunately, it is more than that. The father was up on the mango tree knocking down mangoes. The kids are there to gather them and take back home so they can have them for dinner. This is all that the family would be having for dinner. Let us not ever forget how much in need these people are.

Furthermore, we would like to thank Jose Hernandez, our web developer and designer from Kyleap LLC. for donating his time and vision involving our webpage. Without his design and informative webpage the details of our mission would not reach so many.

Here are some additional pictures we would like to share from our June, 2016 missionary trip.

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